It’s Holiday Season!

We are smack in the middle of the holiday season, with Thanksgiving being just around the corner, next week to be exact. I realized that some people are starting to attend  holiday parties around this time of year. With that being said, it only makes sense to go out and start looking for something to wear. I have the solution for you… RENT THE RUNWAY, have you ever tried it? It’s amazing!!!

If you get all dressed up and have an amazing formal dinner for Thanksgiving. You can look fabulous all Thanksgiving weekend! Rent 3 items for the cost of 1! Available for delivery dates: November 22 – 26  (use code THANKS3FOR1). If you are like me and don’t get all dressed up for Thanksgiving, you can also rent casual outfits and accessories, if you are only looking for one item and this is your first time, you can get 20% off First Order from Rent the Runway, how exciting is that!!!

Here are a few of my favorites from the site, one of which I am going to see if I can rent this weekend, I have something very special coming up soon 🙂

Red V-neck Dress |Navy Jumpsuit |Plum Dress |Sequins Skirt |Navy Pencil Dress


**This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking through my links.


Photo Remix

I’m sure I am not alone when I say I take a lot of pictures and they all don’t make it to the blog or to Instagram for one reason or another… So I decided to share!

Packing before leaving DC to spend Christmas in Richmond, VA and Virginia Beach!

New Year’s Eve Party!

My poor Remi got TWO ear infections over the holidays 🙁 – she is doing much better now.


I got this for my brother for Christmas, I think it is the cutest. He is a music therapist and works with a lot of kids.
IMG_2955Me and my mommy on Christmas Day. We usually spend the entire day in her bed watching movies. My santa hat has a crown 🙂



I’m Back!!!!!!!!!!!!

After Blogmas I fell off a little bit… So I decided that I needed a slight vacation, but now I am back!!!!

I am back with my promised give a way! I am giving away the Be Bold Be Dramatic nail polish trio by OPI. Featuring the colors: Open Me First, Plum Me to You, and My Holiday Shoes.


The rules are as follow super easy… and good luck!

1. Follow this blog.
2. Tell me what is your #1 New Year Resolution.

The winner will be chosen at random, unfortunately this will only be open to U.S. residents. For the winner I will have to ask for your address to send your prize, which will be done via email and will not be shared with anyone.



Blogmas Day 24: Families and Holidays

If you all read these post regularly, you will know that I am getting married a little of 5 months. Being that today is Christmas Eve and I am in Richmond for the Holiday. It got me thinking how to people who have families all over the country spend their time with family for the Holidays. Frances and I have discussed this and we have came up with an easy solution to the problem.

For Thanksgiving we would like to host our families at our house in MD, which is what I do now and bringing Frances’ family into the mix would be easy. For Christmas we have a fairly easy arrangement as well. Which is why I am in Richmond now.

We start off in Richmond, the day we leave Maryland depends on our work schedule but no matter when we leave we stay in Richmond until late Christmas Eve (about 11pm) then we drive the hour and a half to Virginia Beach, where my parents leave and bring in Christmas morning there. Depending on work schedules, we try to stay until New Years which is my mom’s birthday.


Leave a comment down below you and your bf/gf handle the holidays.



Blogmas Day 23: Packing

I am a huge fan of packing. Maybe because I am an organization nut! It is just so much fun!!!! According to this picture it doesn’t look that much fun. I promise, there is a method to my madness.


I like to lay out all my outfits then decide what I am going to wear or if I have to many outfits that I am bringing with me. In this pack fest I did have to leave somethings behind. Packing to go visit my parents is not that hard because when I go (especially for Christmas) I literally just hang out the entire time.

Here is my packing checklist

  • shirt for every day
  • camisoles
  • leggings
  • workout clothes
  • sneakers
  • sweaters
  • jewelry
  • underwear
  • socks
  • towel & washcloth

If any of you are traveling for the holidays let me know how you pack for your travels, I would love to know!



Blogmas Day 22: Holiday Hair and Makeup

It’s begenning to look a lot like Christmas! I start to get so excited when we start to get closer to the holidays… it’s countdown time 🙂 For those of you have have a few parties to attend here are some looks that will give you some inspiration.

First we are going to start with my favorite… Hair!


As you all know I have natural hair so this mohawk is so edgy for a NYE party. I am not sure if I would every pull it off, but those ladies who do… get it!


You can’t every go wrong with a sky high bun! Buns go great with just about any outfit… especially if you are wearing statement jewelry.


This bun here… gorgeous! Braided buns, are so romantic, effortless, and chic!

After the hair is done, we now have to do our makeup.

 This is by far my favorite makeup look. Natural eyes and a bold lip.


 This look is very glamorous and sultry, perfect for a Christmas party. Imagine wearing this with a bright red dress!




Bold lashes… enough said.



Blogmas Day 18: Updated Decor

A few post back I showed you all my Christmas Decorations. In that post I promised I would show you my living room when I finished it, I was lacking red. I updated my dining room with items I found at Target. I got the placemats, napkins, and napkin rings all under $30. IMG_2922

Maybe some of you are thinking, why add to the room a week before Christmas? Well here is the answer… I can always use it next year. Actually, last year I couldn’t find anything I was looking for. When I see Christmas or holiday decorations in the store (especially at a good price) I try to get it then and there. Otherwise, when I come back later it will be gone, and never to be seen again.

I hope you all enjoyed this post… until the next holiday.