Today I am sharing with you all, our wedding video. I went back and fourth for about a week trying to decided if I was going to post it. I thought it was silly not to after a while. We spent countless Wedding Wednesdays together planning my wedding. I shared so many details with you all, so why not the finishing touch?

Here is it, I hope you all enjoy it. 🙂


Jazmin Mac

Bridal Shower Photos

JazminCakeCutting-2 Balloon-1 Jazmin-1 Jazmin-13 Jazmin-17JazminGiftOpening-19 JazminGroupShot-1 JazminMomAuntCousin-1 MimosaBar-9


Just when you thought Wedding Wednesday was over, it’s the gift that keeps on giving 🙂

I recently had a chance to actually go through all my photos from the events around the wedding, I realized I have so much to share with you all. First up are the photos from my bridal shower. These photos were taken by Brian Adrian, to see more of his work . Don’t you think my maid of honors did such a great job!

Thinking back, causes me to have a HUGE smile on my face. This party was everything I could have ever wanted. It was classy and eloquent and I has such a great time with my friends and family.

Lace Top: Banana Republic

Crop Cami: Garage

Pencil Skirt: Banana Republic

Headband: Forever 21 (old) similar here, here, here.

Brian Adrian:

3 Day- Getting Things Done

Today was a very productive day. Honestly, it had to be, we are on crunch time.

There are some days where we just feel so stressed and overwhelmed. Today was one for me. On busy days like today I like to keep everything organized. Keeping life organized helps me to not become so overwhelmed. Here are some tips that help me keep calm and carry on.

1. Clean. Starting things off on the right foot is key. When I start a busy day, I like to have everything cleaned. Cleaning helps me to be organized because I will know that everything I need is in it’s right place. Also, when the day gets crazy I know my space is already clean.

2. Schedule. When I plan my day, I like to use my iCalendar to mark off the time that I have an appointment, phone call, or to remind me to do something at a certain time. I also plan the travel time, if i have to venture out, it helps me to be on time.

3. Make list. I have been told, I order to remember things you must write them down. To me that is usually a list of what I need to do or reminders. When my day is crazy I will become absent minded and to avoid that make a list will help to keep me on track.

4. Double Check. Whenever I get a few seconds to myself, I like to double check my todo list or calendar just to make sure I didn’t forget something, and to make sure I planned everything out correctly. Sometimes just looking at the schedule or list again, I may come up with a more efficient way of doing something.

5. Find time to relax. If all goes well there will be times when I may be early or just have some down time. We all need some time to ourselves take a deep breath and collect our thoughts. If we don’t have a clear mind then how can things get done as efficiently as they should be getting done?

I hope this helps



Blogmas: Day 17 Wedding Colors

So I don’t think I have ever shared my wedding colors with you all. How can you be along for the ride if you don’t know the details? So here we go. Below are a few pictures that will depict what colors we are using for our wedding. 

Overall my colors are Mint and gold with a splash of lavender. Lavender is actually my favorite color but for this day I will be using it as an accent. Picking the colors was one of the hardest things. I have a problem with commitment (odd considering this is a wedding post, #dontjudge) it is hard to make a decision and have to stick with is for planning purposes. As soon as things start to come to play I will be able to show real pictures of things I am purchasing, honestly I don’t know what needs to be purchased yet. I will soon and the planning will begin.



Blogmas Day 10: 6 months

I just realized that the big day is in 6 months!!! This year has gone by so fast and I think everything is starting to come together!

This evening I was actually working in finalizing the save the dates. I am hoping to get then out this weekend, with my track record, say a quick prayer for me I get them out. If you want an ultra secret look here you go!



Wedding Hair

So this Saturday I am meeting with my hair stylist for a trim. I plan to discuss with her what I want to do for my wedding day hair. I know, I still have 7 months and I am sure this will change at least 5 more times until the wedding. For the sake of this weeks Wedding Wednesday lets talk about wedding hair.

This week, I am thinking about having my hair staring with loose waves and pinned to the side. Here are some pictures from Pinterest of course.

Because I love buns… Here is one!

Dress Shopping at BHLDN


OMG! I went dress shopping, and I found my dress! The first location I went on the journey to finding my dress was at BHLDN. BHLDN is the wedding dress line for Anthropologie I stalked there dresses online and just knew I was going to get my dress from here.

Below are a few dresses I tried on. Ladies remember to wear the correct undergarments when going dress shopping. Clearly I have on a bright purple bra! Sorry the pictures are not the best, my mom took them on her phone.


I think I will be wearing some sort of fascinator on my wedding day. I just love this look!IMG_2770.JPG


My first stop was at BHLDN, out of all the dresses at that store this one was my favorite. I screamed eloquence, which is what I wanted. IMG_2769.JPG




This dress was sooooo heavy. I twas a beaded dress with a light tule skirt over it. Unfortunately, because it was so heavy this dress didn’t make the cut.



I loved this dress! It was a wild card because it was a blush color. It was so comfortable, light and pretty.



I dint like how this dress gave the illusion of a lace. Something about it just didn’t work out for me.

I hope you all enjoyed the dresses I tried on form BHLDN. Unfortunately, I didn’t purchase any of the dresses from this boutique. I don’t have photos of my dress (I am not sure if I would post them if I did) the place I purchased my dress from didn’t allow cameras into the shop. Rest assured you will see it soon enough.






Finally that moment I have been waiting for… ten months in the making! I am going dress shopping this weekend! My mom is coming to visit, my aunt and grandmother will be joining us and we are going dress shopping. Well I will burn my mom out while she is here this weekend and try to get a lot of items crossed off my list, but I will save that for another post.

I have been looking up list (yep I am very type A) to be as prepared as possible for this weekend.

1. No more than 3 appointments in one day.

2. Keep your party small. Try not to bring any more than 5 people. Everyone will have an opinion and you may second guess yourself.

3. Keep and open mind. A general rule, don’t rule anything out until you tried it on… it may be THE dress.

4. Know your budget. Stick to it, there is no reason to go into debt for a dress you will only wear once.

5. Go with your gut. If you feel in your bones that it is right, then it will be right.

My Childhood Dream Job

When I was younger I wanted to be EVERYTHING! There were a few careers that I really wanted to do!

Actress- The first job I remember ever wanting to do. I think it was because I love moves, because I loved them so much I wanted to be in them!

Doctor- I have always had a love for health. I think it is so cool to be able to help people in a very specialized way.

Fashion Show Producer- Top Model did this to me, this was my favorite t.v. show in high school. I loved the final episode and I said to myself that is what I want to do!

Hair Dresser- I have always loved doing hair. I didn’t want to go to college, I wanted to go to beauty school. My mom then talked me into going to college and maybe going to beauty school after.

Secret Service Agent- When I first started my career, I helped a group of students tour Washington DC. I was able to learn so many things myself. What the secret service does was the coolest of them all!

I did end up going to College and getting a degree in Fashion Merchandising, then going on the get a Master’s in Organizational Communications. Today I work in an office setting using my communications degree, kinda.



Wedding Wednesday

I Failed!

First I failed by not having anything for Wedding Wednesday this week! I promise I have a good excuse.

Over the weekend I went dress shopping with my Maid of Honors, it was a fail. At least we had fun doing it. Turns out I need a dress in order to know what dress my ladies should have. Rocket Science I know!

But here are some photos of pretty wedding things.