Time Management

As you can guess, I have a lot going on and a lot of events coming up in the near future. A wedding, travel plans, and work that never stops. I wanted to share with you all how I manage my time to the best of my abilities. Honestly, I am not the best at managing time but, I would like to think I have been handling my time pretty well, so far things have work out. All and all, I wanted to share with you what I do to keep myself organized.

Write it down: I have noticed that when I write things down I tend to remember things better, even if I don’t go back and read my notes. I am not sure but I think there is some correlation with writing something down and memory, if not, it at least helps me to remember all that I have to do.

Keep a Calendar: Some people prefer to use the calendar on their phone and others like to have a hand written old school calendar. Personally I use both. When I am at work I like to pull up my google calender to see what I have going on. Also this is amazing because my friends send me invites to things we are doing. As far as writing things down, this year I decided to try out the Erin Condren Life Planner.

Commit: I hate commitment, but we all have responsibilities and obligations. I overcome this by telling myself if I write it down then I need to make it happen. This makes me accountable otherwise, I would probably flake on a lot my responsibilities.

Make a to do list: At the beginning of every morning (weekends too) I like to think about what needs to be done for that day and make a list. This can be a list of goals, or just things to do and I make sure by the end of the day I try to the best of my abilities to have all the items checked off.


3 Day- Getting Things Done

Today was a very productive day. Honestly, it had to be, we are on crunch time.

There are some days where we just feel so stressed and overwhelmed. Today was one for me. On busy days like today I like to keep everything organized. Keeping life organized helps me to not become so overwhelmed. Here are some tips that help me keep calm and carry on.

1. Clean. Starting things off on the right foot is key. When I start a busy day, I like to have everything cleaned. Cleaning helps me to be organized because I will know that everything I need is in it’s right place. Also, when the day gets crazy I know my space is already clean.

2. Schedule. When I plan my day, I like to use my iCalendar to mark off the time that I have an appointment, phone call, or to remind me to do something at a certain time. I also plan the travel time, if i have to venture out, it helps me to be on time.

3. Make list. I have been told, I order to remember things you must write them down. To me that is usually a list of what I need to do or reminders. When my day is crazy I will become absent minded and to avoid that make a list will help to keep me on track.

4. Double Check. Whenever I get a few seconds to myself, I like to double check my todo list or calendar just to make sure I didn’t forget something, and to make sure I planned everything out correctly. Sometimes just looking at the schedule or list again, I may come up with a more efficient way of doing something.

5. Find time to relax. If all goes well there will be times when I may be early or just have some down time. We all need some time to ourselves take a deep breath and collect our thoughts. If we don’t have a clear mind then how can things get done as efficiently as they should be getting done?

I hope this helps



4 Days- All Packed

One of my favorite things to do is pack for upcoming trips. I know most people hate packing, but i am not like most people! Something about it just gives me such a since of satisfaction. Maybe because I LOVE planning for things, I really don’t know lol. Last night I took some time away from the final details of wedding planning to back for the honeymoon. Get this- I fit a weeks worth of clothes, underwear, and shoes into one carryon. Wanna know my secret? Well here it is, PACKING CUBES!

Packing cubes have changed the packing game! I like to pack all my clothes into one large packing cube  and my underwear into the medium cube and any miscellaneous items into the small cube. On this trip the miscellaneous items will be my bikini and beach over up. The only thing what will not fit into my carry on is toiletries and makeup.

If you are looking to purchase any items for upcoming travel you may be doing this summer. The container store is having a travel sale.

Happy Traveling



Spring is Springing

My favorite time of the year is the summer time! Needless to say I am so excited that we, dare I say, lost an hour. This weekend I felt this overwhelming feeling of joy knowing that the days have gotten longer. On the flip side of my joy and happiness, I am so tired. Loosing this hour ruins my sleep pattern. Sometime I want to go to bed early and other nights I can’t fall asleep into the early mornings. I am so frustrated because I am so sleepy (tonight is an early night). Last night I was up late, searching the web for cute summer dresses, because in a perfect world it would be 80 degrees next week! One can dream!

Another thing that happens to me when spring is around the corner I just want to clean. When I say clean, I want to clean everything. Lately, I have been reading one of my favorite organizing blogs, “I Heart Organizing” and have been getter really practical tips on ways to organize and make my home more efficient. As well as wanting to make some home repairs. When I get into these moods it becomes and obsession. I start making list, color coding my planning to give me the feeling that I am organizing something.

Does anyone else’s mood changes when the days start to get longer?