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Hi Friends,
I created this collage on Polyvore, and now I feel like I should go shopping. I would actually wear all these items together, which was not my intention for this picture. ūüôā First, can we talk about these shoes! I saw them last week, on this blog¬†and fell in love with them. I’ve never owned a pair of air max before, but they look so comfortable. I don’t know if I told you guys, but this summer I had been having issues with my feet, which has made sneakers my new best friend.
Recently, I’ve been seeing a few bloggers wear this adidas hoodie and I want one too. I actually love hoodies and recently got rid of quite a few, and would love to add this classic into my closet. The clutch and the jeans are basically staples in my wardrobe, I am always looking to revamp what I the items I currently have when the price is right.

Fall Outerwear Basics

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1. Pancho: A wool poncho is great for those chilly days or nights. They are so easy and just be thrown over any outfit, while still looking super cute and stylish.
2. Denim Vest: this piece is amazing on those days that are a little warmer and all you need is a light layer.
3. Trench Coat: Everyone should invest in a trench, it is a necessity. Especially when the mornings start to get cooler.
4. Puffer Vest: one of my favorites. A sporty way to layer with out wearing a winter coat.
5. Field Jacket: my fall staple. I live in field jackets in the fall. It is cool enough to wear a jacket but not cold enough to wear a coat.


If you read yesterday’s post you will know that I have made a commitment to work out on a more consistent basis. Growing up I was an athlete, I ran track and played volleyball. By the time I got to college I thought I was over it, but I found myself in the gym 3 days a week. Over the years that has QUICKLY changed. Being that I have to fit into a gorgeous white dress (in my opinion) in 5 months. So I decided to start working out again. Contrary to what some may think I have actually started working out in November, then stopped because I got my hair straightened‚Ķ I know #dontjudge
For you ladies who have a big even you may want to look in shape for or just looking for motivation to working out. I will share with you what gets me moving.
I am not going to lie‚Ķ I love workout clothes. I feel like a poser if I just buy workout clothes and don’t work out‚Ķ so I buy super cute workout clothes to make me want to go to the gym. The items shown below can we talk about how cute those nike legging are? I am actually going to go find a pair they are so cute!
I may not have conveyed to you all how much I actually love work out clothes! Nike and Under Armour are my absolute favorite! Nike sneakers are the best, I do have some great running shoes but I wear the on casual day too. After making this college I will be looking for those nike leggings and I want a pair of those nike free 3. I love Under Armour too, if you have ever worked out in the winter you knot UA is a must!
I find myself as being one of those people who can not get anything done at the house. So getting a gym membership is my trick. I hate to waste money so I will feel a little more obligated to go if I pay for the gym. So a week ago Frank and I decided to get a gym member ship I have been there every other day since then. I have so much fun when I go. I have the time I need to clear my mind and not feel like my to do list is getting longer (Wedding planning!)
Happy Exercising!

Blogmas Day 12: Christmas Pajamas

My family is not really big on tradition, but there is on tradition I love and look forward to every year it is the BEST! On Christmas Eve everyone in my family is allowed to open on gift. It turns out to be the same gift every year, Pajamas! I bet your wondering, what is so exciting about pajamas. I actually do love pajamas but it is so much more than that. Mom my (who facilitates this) comes up with some sort of theme, all the guys are something similar and the girls (me and my mom) have similar styles. I is so much fun seeing what she picked out, sometimes we have hats, robes, slippers, or everything. It’s always so much fun, just writing this post, is getting me excited about Christmas!

Here are some Pajamas I have been loving…

Christmas Pajamas


Blogmas Day 8: Party Dresses

Party season is here! Recently I was on the Nordstrom website and came across these cute outfits for all the parties that I will tell you I am going to, to make me seem cool! So… if a party comes up, I will definitely be choosing one of these lovely dresses. Party Dresses