Top Five Resolutions


Happy New Year Friends, now is the time we share our resolutions. Typically, this time of year I like to think back at the year past and think about how I want to make this year better. So here we go…

  1. Be Healthy- Just like every other person I want to get fit and toned. On the flip side I do go to they gym on a regular basis but I want to be more consistent with my gym time and actually have a set schedule of when I go and what I am going to do while there.
  2. Love Everyone- God wants us to love our neighbors and I need to get better with that. Sometimes when people rub me the wrong way I can just write them off even, when I know it is the wrong thing to do… My plan it to just love everyone and be kind to everyone.
  3. Vacation Often- If any of you have followed me long, you know there are times I get that itch to go on a vacation. I am scratching it this year a lot (lol) I want to visit  quite a few places this year. I will let you know where in a separate post.
  4. Smell the Roses- Typically I find myself to be quite high strung, I have a never ending list of things to do. I want have a lot more moments of peace in EVERY day.
  5. Decorate My Space- I have to admit I have lived in my house for five years, and I haven’t even begun to decorate the bedrooms. I need to get that done this year. Frank and I have already starting thinking about what we are gong to do. Coming soon.

New Year Resolutions

Good Evening Everyone I hope you are enjoying the first six days of the new year. I wanted to share with you all what my new years resolution are for 2015!

I would like to work out more. Growing up I was an athlete, when I got to college I still tried to maintain going to the gym 3 times a week, I kept it up my entire freshman year! Then I began to work out off and on, until recently I am in it to win it! ~hopefully~

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Blog and Vlog more consistently. I would like to think I have been doing pretty well with the blog. Youtube not so much. Over all I would like to be more consistent an and provide better content for you all.


So I have been obsessed with taking pictures for as long as I can remember… I always had a camera. As I have gotten older I find myself not caring to snap as much shots as I did in my youth… I have an amazing camera (two to be exact) I need to use them more.


Attend more church related functions. Last year one of my resolutions was to read the Bible more. CHECK! Currently, I do read (listen) the bible every day. This year I would like to actually attend more church functions and be more of an active member of my church.

I would like to have more fun and live more in the moments. I find myself in situations where because I am trying to control the situation, organize something, or just being your typical Type A personality I forget to have fun in life and the cherish the good times.