What is your biggest fear?

I will not disclose what they are. When I have fears they are borderline phobias. Talking about them, I don’t even think I will be able to get through this post. I am going to face my fear BUT I WILL NOT PUT IN PICTURES!  I had to clear my mind right not to avoid thinking of the SCARY THINGS!

1. Opossum… I can’t

2. Snakes

3. Nocturnal Animals

4. Cats

5. Things that are not the correct size (weird I know!) but look at this! 



What Does Halloween Look like to me?

In my older age (late 20s) I have started to be come more and more uninterested in Halloween. The perfect Halloween night for me would be watching a marathon on my favorite scary moves. I am BIG into scary movies, understandably they are never really scary to me but I love them!

Check out my instagram for more on what I will be doing this Halloween.



Organization Tips for Bloggers

Oh how I love to organize things! Having a blog gives me something else to organize. Here are a few tips I use to help me organize.

1. Keep things as simple as possible. By not making things overly complicated will be confusing which is never any fun!

2. Keep a monthly planner of postings. Having my posting planned out in a planner helps me to see what I need to do that week or what I have done over the month. I can also look back and refer to older post if needed.

3. Schedule post- when I write out my post on the specified day. I usually schedule them if I finish the post. Using platforms like WordPress allows bloggers to schedule their posts without being at their computer. This works out great for me because I do have a full time job.

My Childhood Dream Job

When I was younger I wanted to be EVERYTHING! There were a few careers that I really wanted to do!

Actress- The first job I remember ever wanting to do. I think it was because I love moves, because I loved them so much I wanted to be in them!

Doctor- I have always had a love for health. I think it is so cool to be able to help people in a very specialized way.

Fashion Show Producer- Top Model did this to me, this was my favorite t.v. show in high school. I loved the final episode and I said to myself that is what I want to do!

Hair Dresser- I have always loved doing hair. I didn’t want to go to college, I wanted to go to beauty school. My mom then talked me into going to college and maybe going to beauty school after.

Secret Service Agent- When I first started my career, I helped a group of students tour Washington DC. I was able to learn so many things myself. What the secret service does was the coolest of them all!

I did end up going to College and getting a degree in Fashion Merchandising, then going on the get a Master’s in Organizational Communications. Today I work in an office setting using my communications degree, kinda.



Favorite Fall Memory

My favorite fall memory of all time was a few years ago when I went to my first scary haunted house. It was the FUNNIEST situation ever! This haunted house was a series of haunted houses in a wooded area.

We walk up to the first house with a bunch of clowns standing outside. l do not have a fear of clowns, so this was a cake walk to me, so I proceed. Then the smallest clown jumps over the fence, blocks me from the group and starts screaming a loud as possible! I am like, what am I supposed to do. Then the clown starts crying, while this is getting more awkward than it should be, I try to get a way but the clown would not let me though. After a few minutes had to jump over the fence to get away.

At one point there is a break in the terror and as we walk down a path, I see in the distance a few people standing around. I am thinking we are catching up to the group ahead of us. Ha! So wrong… they started running towards WITH CHAIN SAWS! I lost it! Of course not in a classy way, in a crazy way. Screaming bloody murder is not that cute! For some reason I thought crazy people got into the scary woods and were really going to kill us! So I trip and fall, but of course I can’t I fall gracefully, I fall in a way that makes me look like a fool. I end up falling dawn a small hill! I will never make fun of the people who always fall in the movies!

That’s not the end. We get to the very last house, which was pitch black… not the worst situation because, I am not afraid of the dark. Apparently there were curtains around with people behind them making them shake. With all the commotion going on I think someone panicked… because in this pitch black room I felt someone’s FINGER SCRACH THE INSIDE OF MY CHEEK! That was the scariest party of the entered thing! I am borderline a germ-a-phob.. and I have no idea whose finger was in my MOUTH! just thinking about it gives me the shivers!

Everytime I think of this! I can laugh myself to tears!



P.S. I made this!

Recently, I added some decorations to my formal living room. I made a gallery wall, but after moving all my photos I was left with an empty wall. So I went to the craft store to find some decorations for my living room. I came across a large painting that would have went perfectly! After putting it in my shopping cart I saw the price… $200. Do you know what I could do with that money? How many shoes I could buy!

Pinterest came to the rescue… I came across a pin that looked similar to this origin artwork shown below. I decided to keep the pin out of this post simply because I ended up liking the pinned project better than mine, and I am an over achiever but if you leave me a comment I will send it you 😉



I hope you guys like my Friday night project!




10 Fall Obsessions

10 Fall Obsessions
My top Fall obsession:
1. Puffer Jackets- I am a person who is typically cold, so when the weather starts to change I need to grab something to keep me warm. These work great with sweaters.
2. Flannel Shirts- This is a fall staple. I wait all year for the chance to wear my flannel. They are so cute and look great if you need to just throw something on.
3. Leather jackets- This one pictured form BeBe is so adorable! It is a mixed media jacket the body panels are made of cotton the rest if faux leather. This may need to make an apprentice to my closet!
4. Cute Beanies- A BOW REALLY! Kate Spade you never let me down.
5. Track pants- These are the most comfortable fashion items ever! Oh and they look super cute with slip on shoes.
6. Chunky Sweaters- Again with the weather changing, we have to keep warm. Chunky sweaters are so cute over pretty much everything.
7. Slip ons- Yea. I know. Quilted faux leather slip on shoes. Guess what, they are at Target!
8. Lips and Nails- it’s time to darken our lips and play with our nail color. I have been loving Mac Rebel lately.
9. Scarfs- I love a scarf!!!!! Tory Burch made my favorites prints come together with my favorite accessory! Dreams do come true.
10. Booties- They look great with dresses and skinny jeans

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Best Advice Ever Given

The best advice I have ever received was from my Grandmother… She always told me, “If you don’t like it, Fix it.”

To me this is the best advice ever because it can mean so many things. If there is some thing you don’t like about yourself, fix it. If something is bothering you, Fix it.  If you don’t like your job, fix it. Over all to me if there is something I want to change I change it. We have to be happy if there is a reason we are not happy then we need to fix it.




Favorite Back to School Memory

My favorite back to school memory was always going shopping for school supplies. I think because I like to be organized it was always fun to get new things that would aid in my organizational. Also, there are so my ideas that could be used for organization. My favorite way to organize my notes is to color code them. Weather it be by colored ink or to underline with colored pencils. It’s very pretty to look as and it help me to remember my notes.  My all time favorite brand of school supplies and stationary is Sugar Paper

What is your favorite back to school memory?