Tips for Black Friday Shopping

Plaid Shirt with Crop Sweatpants-3147

Black Sweater Army Leggings-8931

  1. Be Energized- Being tired on Black Friday is all apart of the experience. Make sure you have your venti-sized coffee in hand so you can stay focused and get those amazing deals.
  2. Be Comfortable- We already established you’re going to be tired, there is nothing worse than being tired and uncomfortable. Check out my post on what to wear for Black Friday Shopping.
  3. Be Patient- You already know everywhere is going to packed. Acknowledge it and go with it. You are going to be waiting in long lines, people will be rude but that is all apart of the experience.
  4. Have a game plan- Determine ahead of time what you are looking for and what stores you want to visit. If you are looking for a new TV (like me) you may want to go to Best Buy first because they will sell out of the door-busters really quick. Then move on to the other places on your list. CHECK OUT MY POST ON THIS YEARS GAME PLAN.
  5. Have Fun- Black Friday is an experience, me and my family like to go and just have a good time. Remember most of the things you are shopping for are material things and we can all live without them. Enjoy your time and be happy we are in the Christmas season now.

Natural Hair vs. The Gym

Keep your heart rate up-0843So many black women, choose not to go to the gym for fear of messing up their hairstyle. It’s no secret we try to make a look last as long as we can. But when we are spending an hour sweating every other day that cute hairstyle may not last very long.

One question I get often is how I work out, without it affecting my hair. I think I’ve mastered the trick. But let’s be honest here. I do wear my hair natural more often than not. When my hair is straight, I am most likely not doing any heavy workouts (prob. just yoga lol).

My secret is… I do my hair twice a week. I wash or co-wash my hair on Sunday, do my style depending on what I am feeling that week. usually a twist-out. Then I go about my life. Every night I pineapple my hair, which means putting it into a really high ponytail. Then on Wednesday night I spray my hair with water and re-twist to get me through the rest of the week. This routine has been working for me for about a year. Sometimes that Wednesday refresh doesn’t happen and it is a bun for the rest of the week. Which is fine because I love a big curly bun. I think the major key is, to pineapple. I work out in a high ponytail and I sleep in it at night.

What are your tricks to help your hair last through your tough workouts? I would love to hear.

Running Late Go To Outfit

Black Denim Jacket Old Navy Striped Skirt-5092Black Denim Jacket Old Navy Striped Skirt-5111Black Denim Jacket Old Navy Striped Skirt-5115Black Denim Jacket Old Navy Striped Skirt-5146Black Denim Jacket Old Navy Striped Skirt-5265Black Denim Jacket Old Navy Striped Skirt-5282Black Denim Jacket Old Navy Striped Skirt-5379Black Denim Jacket Old Navy Striped Skirt-5389Black Denim Jacket Old Navy Striped Skirt-5419Black Denim Jacket Old Navy Striped Skirt-5573

Have you ever woke up late, then to top it off, you have nothing to wear? Unfortunately, that happens to me more often than I would like to admit, but I am working on it. One thing I do to avoid the “I have nothing to wear” kind of morning, is have outfits that outfit that always works. This skirt typically goes into that rotation for me. It is so easy, to grab and pretty much goes with everything.

If you are like me and are allergic to mornings, here are some tips that have helped me over the years.

  1. Pick out your clothes at night and keep a few outfits that are always ready to go. I try to pick out my clothes on Sunday night for the week, or even the night before. I recommend picking out a few extra outfits because if you wake it and it was colder than anticipated, you can wear one of your back up items.
  2. Have a go to make up look. I don’t wear much make up, but what I wear on a daily basis I have mastered that art of applying it in about 8 minutes. I am tying to get it down to 5 minutes but I am a work in progress 🙂
  3. Keep it simple. When you get dressed, you need a bottom, top, and a third piece. A third piece could be a jacket, statement necklace, or even a scarf. Throw on one of those items then you are out the door.

I hope this helped make your mornings much easier!

Tips for Thrift Store Shopping

You all know I am a thrift shopper… today I wanted to share with you all a few of the outfits I have put together recently that were from the thrift store. As well as give you all some tips on shopping second hand.

The Limited Dress $8
Gap Pants $13
Gap Pants $13


Long Lightweight sweater $10
Utility Vest (consigned) $20
Black Dress $13

First I love shopping at the thrift store. Often you find clothes that people have purchased and for one reason or another the item was never worn but given away.

Here are tips to make your experience great:

  1. When shopping at the thrift store be sure to look for brands you know last throughout the years. Some of my favorite brands are JCrew, Gap and Banana Republic. I live really close to Washington DC so finding these brands if fairly easy.
  2. Try to find newer pieces. If you find a shirt that is faded there is nothing you can do to bring it back to life.
  3. Shop in well to do areas. Going to the thrift store in more affluent areas you will be acquiring clothes from the people who have gotten rid of them.
  4. If you can find an item but you know you can find a similar item new for a smilier price I think it is better to just buy new. For example, I usually buy my basic shirts from target for about $5 I am not going to buy something like that form a thrift store.
  5. Go early in the morning. If you are looking for great items in good condition for a good price, other people are too. So beat them to the punch and get there when the store opens. You can always go out for breakfast when you are done.