Staying Hydrated

Processed With DarkroomSo many people are chronically dehydrated. It is recommended that we each get at least 8, 8oz glasses of water a day. Or you can drink half your body weight in ounces. Whatever is manageable. All day I’m drinking water to try to stay hydrated.

I’ve discovered the best way to ensure you are drinking the recommended amount of water is to have an amazing cup you are excited to drink out of. My favorite of all favorites is they hydroflask. I bought my first one last November and I was hooked. I love how they don’t sweat when you have cold water in it. You can leave them in the car and your water will stay cool. They even come with interchangeable tops. Some days you may want a cup, others you may want a straw. Whatever you like it is customizable.

If you are looking for a way to get more water into your diet, try using this amazing water bottle and see if you are instantly hydrated.

Gallon Water Challenge

Over the weekend I was informed about the Gallon Water Challenge. I am all up for challenges, and I am so in there.  How it works is for 30 days, you have to drink 64oz or 1 gallon of water a day. The benefits are countless… but a few that stand out to me are:

Clear skin– drinking water will keep your skin hydrated, helping to clear up acne and other skin issues.

Boost metabolism– by drinking water before meals will make you feel fuller.

Aids in heart health and digestion– when drinking enough water it helps your heart circulate blood through your body and water helps you pass waist though they body.

I started this challenge on Monday, I hope you all join in with me 🙂

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