Cross-Body Bags

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Hi, my name is Jazmin and I have a problem with cross-body bags. I love them! I wear them all the time. I mean how can you not? They are just so cute. Let me tell you, in addition to being cute they are functional! It’s like a game… how much stuff can I fit into this little tiny bag without it weighing more than me? Usually, I win because I have it down to a science: Β small lotion, lipstick, powder, and a teeny tiny wallet with the basics.

Most of these bags are out of stock, because I try to purchase high quality bags so I can have them for years and they still look great. P.S. that coach bag is a hand me down form my mom and she had it over 10 years.

Kate Spade Cross Body Bags ~ Coach Cross Body Bags ~ Michael Kors Cross Body Bags
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